Thursday, April 23, 2015

Revisiting the Fourth Wall

Because my hosts are pretty cool, they connected me with a radio show that airs from the BYU campus.  So this evening I went to the studio to record a few short interview segments and a few clips from the music I'll be performing tomorrow evening.  Liz had said that the interview would be more about me than the music, but I was still surprised to see how thoroughly the producer had stalked my online presence.  She told me why I played the cello, when and where I had begun,  knew about my blog, and even put a few of the topics in the interview.  She may even be reading this now, or my thoughts.  Perhaps she can tell me what I'll be having for breakfast tomorrow morning.  She had done her homework.

And I played a few things to a studio and microphones and the people who were a part of the production, a scarier experience than either live performing (where physical presence and ephemerality can dissolve errant moments) or recording (where multiple takes is a given).  I can see why good studio musicians are such a commodity.

And because my hosts are in the know in the arts scene in Provo, they suggested attending a play in which one of their friends was performing, A Day in the Death of Joe Egg.  It says it's a comedy and perhaps it was my scant knowledge of the context of 1960's England, when it was written and takes place, but to me, the story of a broken marriage and a daughter with cerebral palsy was anything but dark.  Still it was good to see some live theater.

A day of audiences of various kinds, seen and unseen.  And tomorrow another kind of concert.

*The radio performance from this evening will be broadcast for the first time on Tuesday, May 19th at 8pm MSTon Classical 89.1 & 89.5 FM and and rebroadcast on Saturday, May 23rd at 5pm MST; it will be archived for on-demand listening at

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