Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Deposits of the Day

The day was edged with plans but filled with practice.  Rain means no hike, no babysitter means no play this evening.

In a quick relay, I'm bouncing off an audition and headed towards a recital which seems to be approaching a little faster than I can sink into this music.  I'm not exactly worried about it, but it's an opportunity to get to know something a little better and to share it, and that in itself gives me some sense of urgency.

Soon I'll have to go back to Japan and leave behind many things in Provo and Salt Lake City and Utah, untouched and unseen.  And then I will leave Japan and do the same.  There is only so much time to get as much as possible.  And there is so much to have, so much to take in, even in not doing.  There is no way to win, no way to lose.

The youngest one here seems hours away from walking.  He is giddy and speaking in non-words.  The world is opening up, and every object, every person, even solitude, seems full of miracles to him.  What a world.

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