Tuesday, April 14, 2015

By Way of Narita

 I'm sitting in the Narita airport.  I've taken the 2:15pm flight from Osaka Itami to Tokyo Narita several times now.  Everytime I've arrived, chugged my water, gone through customs, visited the same bathroom, and refilled my water bottle at the same fountain.  It's become a routine peppered with differences.  A rainy goodbye, a new international departure gate, the wavering between plain or maple Calorie Mates.    But always a meditative calm to travel.  Being nowhere, in notime.  Already I know that it's 1am at my destination and part of me is there.  Soon.  Soon I'll be in one place again.

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  1. and it's a wonder how Tom Hanks' character in the movie The Terminal did it day in, day out.