Monday, April 6, 2015

A Different Side of HPAC

For a change of pace, we ventured outside today.  Even all the way to HPAC in Nishinomiyakitaguchi.  It's not often I get to hear the orchestra from the other side of the rehearsal room doors.  All my colleagues were rehearsing for an upcoming subscription concert and tour that will extend to nearly the end of April.  And although I will be here long enough to join them for the concert at HPAC, I will be departing before the beginning of the tour.  It's one big package deal.

So instead of sitting in my seat in the cello section, Andrew and I went to a practice room where he listened to some of my audition and recital work, coaching and giving comments.  In the lounge I saw the office workers take a late lunch, allowing themselves to relax after being on constant call for us, something I've rarely seen before.  The off-hours HPAC.  And while we took a break, the orchestra also began their break and the doors opened and my colleagues came out, very energetically and happily saying hello, surprised to see me there, filling the space with their voices.

Strange to be on the other side of things.  To have such a familiar experience redefined and refreshed.  How do we feel about something and what is that something about which we feel?  Life at HPAC; what is that exactly?  When I think back on it, what will I remember, what will be the common denominators?  

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