Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Arrival in America

I think it was 24 hours door-to-door.  Strong winds in Salt Lake City meant that the airport was closed and my flight had to turn around and land in Reno while the storm passed.  So I got to see a little more of the country than originally planned.  I had no idea there were actually slot machines at the gates.  

America is much dirtier than Japan.  And nobody gives you their full attention, service is an inconvenience to the staff that administers it.  And yet I'm very happy to be back among so many different people, each one with their own way of problem solving the duties of their job.  It's chaotic and diverse and open and haphazard.  But good to be here.

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  1. Oh, how true. Japan cares so much about presentation and service, love of nature. If America could embrace the reverence for beauty of the land it would help mind and spirit.