Sunday, April 12, 2015


These days have been primarily spent preparing for the upcoming trip to Utah where I'll be taking an audition and giving a solo cello recital.  Yesterday several of my colleagues in the orchestra were kind enough to listen to me play through all of my audition music and share comments.  I could hear so many teachers, so many different approaches, so many ideas that have been shared with them.  There is such a valuable resource here and incredible to think that we are continuing to foster the value of it by creating these opportunities for exchange.  And these exchanges are in part, sponsored by our endeavor to strive for something more.  A reason to keep trying, even if the odds are against us.  There are important things to create along the way, not just for oneself but for those in one's community and all those people in all the communities they will touch in the future.  Growing and sharing, making the world bigger.

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