Friday, July 26, 2013

Walk in Awaji

Before bidding farewell to the beautiful island of Awaji, a friend of mine and I went for a very hot, humid, and hazy walk to find Hompuku-ji, a modern temple designed by Tadao Ando.  We got a little lost, and made it just in time to see enjoy the five minutes worth of beauty that we had before heading back to catch the bus.  The water temple was beautiful, but so was the unplanned hillside detour we had before we knew where we were going.  Terraced rice paddies overlooking the ocean, homes with onions and garlic accruing sun and time.  Awaji calls us to return, if only it were easier to access.  It's a place of time and space and less of attraction, though they try with their enticing onions.  In one year, I made it twice, the odds are looking good for the future.

detour of rice paddies on a hill

stairs descending below the water garden to Hompuku-ji

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