Monday, July 8, 2013

July Heat

It seems the rain has been dismissed or perhaps more accurately, bullied out of its territory by July's heat and humidity.   My biking clothes smell terrible, but I have the benevolence to change them once I reach my destination.  It's difficult to decide whether I should shower several times a day, or not bother at all since I'm going to be covered in sweat as soon as I get out and I'll be showering again tomorrow, anyway.  There are many different products in Japan to help with the heat, eating sour plums aside.  Spray-on cooling foams and cooling wipes.  Everyone has a fan, men most certainly included.  But what is even more remarkable about the way that Japan does summer time is the amount of clothing worn.  It is seems that the hotter it gets, the more clothing people put on their bodies.  Nowhere else have I seen people wear gloves in summer, or jackets.  But that's the way it is.  The sun is a very powerful thing and it seems that tan-happy Americans sometimes forget this or simply never stop to think about it.  Or maybe our bodies are not the same at all and the touch of open air is worth the additional kiss of the sun's rays.  I'll be enjoying the Japanese heat and humidity for another month before changing into an American version.  One with lighter attire.

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