Sunday, July 28, 2013

Final Confetti

Yesterday, somebody pulled the rope or pushed the button which made all the confetti drop in one audible "THUMP."  There was nothing graceful or jovial about it until it was resurrected by the chorus who started to toss it into the air for a second chance at cheer.  As it turned out, this revised plan was perhaps more effective than the original version.

Today was another concert performance (no set pieces) of the opera and rather than tempt a repeat offense, the good times were placed in the hands of the cast from the beginning.  Confetti filled the crevices of their clothing, hats, wigs, and stuck to their mask-sweated foreheads.  As they came out for a second curtain call, the pieces flew from their hiding places, trickling down into the audience who was brought closer thanks to the receding pit-line of the concert performance rendition.  We sat behind the singers, watching them and our conductor become emotional at the relinquishing of the experience, something now closed forever.  As Rossina stood from her curtsey a final piece of confetti fell from her wig.  Our most enthusiastic audience continued to clap, curtain call after curtain call, up on their feet in a highly untypical Japanese fashion, until the cast started to wave goodbye.  And then it was silent as we saw an entire auditorium filled with waving hands of appreciation.  Thank you, thank you.  So much gratitude for sharing the moment.

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