Thursday, July 25, 2013

Concert Performance in Awaji

Release your baited breath, there was indeed confetti at the concert performance tonight.  It was slightly different as were so many other aspects of the evening, the orchestra in the middle of the drama, elevated above ground.  The cast danced and sang around us, passed notes through us, hid within us from one another, we the silent druids, sculptors and witnesses of the evening.  How wonderful to be back on the stage, a childhood love of costume fabric and stage lights, next to someone made unreal and yet larger than life.

And we ourselves are currently are set in the backdrop of the quiet and eternal Awaji Island.  Onions and ocean.  A place that has the silence and weight of waters.  Tomorrow we will leave our luxury hotel by the seaside to return for a day to our beloved Takarazuka.  The ocean will stay here, but maybe an onion (and or course some confetti) will find it's way....

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