Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pit Stops

This was the last day of rehearsal for the opera.  The next time we all climb into the pit we will be wearing black clothes and a full house will have presumably paid full price to see us in them.  These past two day we have had performance quality dress rehearsals with people staring down at us from all the balconies, applauding from a packed floor.  Apparently they announced the opening of the house over loud speakers at the mall nearby.  The HPAC opera is quite an event.  These were only the final dress rehearsals.

The pacing has started to settle into our blood and marrow.  The recitatives that pepper the arias have become like train stops on a familiar route, eyes closing, heads nodding off, until the body magically knows it is time to move.  Arms lift, key signature and meter determined, and a singer has their bass-line, right on time.  We've yet to fall fully to the other side, though perhaps a full accidental casualties along the way, as happens in pits from time to time.

Tomorrow a day of rest, longer than a harpsichord.  And then back to the pit.

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