Monday, July 22, 2013

First Attempts at Translation

This morning I finished my humble attempt at translating notes from our chamber music meeting with the office.  Japanese can be very open-ended:  who is doing something is often not stated, and context often gives the tense.  Poor Google translate is often a bit miffed by this vague, approximate, case-by-case basis of meaning in language, but in some cases I will take its word.  How I managed to write, "......will be able to play hemorrhoids," I'm not sure, but I'm happy not to be including it in my email to all core members. I don't think I could even recreate this if I tried.  Japanese, one day we will meet each other.  

(In case you are worried about the remainder of the document, some other friends are looking it over, hopefully catching anything amiss.  Many thanks, all around.)

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