Monday, May 19, 2014

The First of Many

Yesterday we said goodbye to one of the third year violinists, who decided to leave a few months early in order to have more freedom to take auditions.  As core members we are limited in the number of concerts that we may be excused from each year, and in order to take some additional auditions, he decided to resign a little early.

It is the beginning of a season of departures.  In a few months, more of my colleagues will be leaving, colleagues that shared their experience and helped acclimate me and other new-comers to HPAC and Japan.  While I've been here, they left their second-year roll and filled in the third-year one and soon I will do the same.  I've watched them change, watch them look at the uncertainty of the future, prepare themselves to close this chapter of life and leave Japan, a place that was once so new and novel, colorful and magical.  Each year, new challenges.  One can see it, and one comes to live it.  Time will not disappoint in moving forward, in carrying us there.

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