Thursday, May 29, 2014

Shimono-san II

I noticed Shimono-san walk into HPAC just after 9am today. Perhaps other conductors have done the same but I never noticed it.  They don't have the same need to physically warm-up as instrumentalists do.  Perhaps he just had a meeting, but I think he was doing score study for rehearsal.  And I think he spent his lunch working with the soloist,  preparing for the afternoon rehearsal of the concerto.  After rehearsal I asked him if he might have time to listen to my excerpts and despite being noticeably tired (likely from not eating and conducting all day) he got very excited and said, "Yes of course! Thank you for asking me!"

It's such pleasure to work with him even if some of the players have room to make suggestions that he doesn't address, even if his conducting technique isn't perfect.  His dedication to the music and his courtesy are so intact, his humility so open to any opportunity to improve the preparation.  He is sure of what he wants, and in all the other space that inevitably exists in music and in life, he is open to recommendations and willing to serve.  A pleasure to have him this week.

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