Friday, May 2, 2014

A Tour Concludes

Our tour has now both officially and unofficially closed.  After a post-tour tour to Yokohama for a filming of Sado-san's TV show, "Daime no Nai Ongakki," we are now home (well, most of us).  I experienced a commuter flight to Tokyo yesterday morning, an afternoon of tech rehearsals and a live filming in the evening, a walk through the park by the water in Yokohama, a post concert toast with the orchestra and crew and cello get-together (it was great to play with them for all 15 performances of Russian music) and my first Japanese overnight bus experience, complete with blankets, free wifi, and curtains to block out the light.  We arrived in Osaka at 7am and I had 6 hours to enjoy before my cello arrived at HPAC at 1pm.  So I enjoyed Osaka and Osaka Castle in the morning light.

ferris wheel with large digital clock in nearby amusement park

by the water

love in the shadows

sky over the water

modernity in Yokohama

morning Tae Kwon Do in Osaka Castle Park

flowers venders and the castle in the distance

field trip!

water surrounding the castle

good mix

opera banners at HPAC
on to the next project

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