Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sleep Trains

Sometimes on trains, people fall asleep on your shoulder.  It's just a part of riding the train in Japan.  Today my neighbor leaned against me and dozed off and I looked out the window at the beautiful weather in Japan.  I daydreamed through my stop and rolled over the bridges of the wide river to Osaka.  A crow glided over the water, over the banks, and when I returned to the train, she was still sleeping, leaning against me.

When we came to the final stop, she awoke and looked at me with wide eyes.  "Sssorry," she said, slowly conjuring English for my benefit.  I smiled and laughed and said, "Eeeeeee," the Japanese way to say, "It's all good, no problem."  The old man across from us smiled and laughed, too, recently awakened from his own slumber.

And then we slowly got up, and got off our Sunday afternoon train to greet the world awaiting us.

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