Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wakayama (Start of Tour)

And we're off!  This was the first official day of the tour though I awoke in my bed and will return to it shortly.  A day trip to Wakayama prefecture and a day free tomorrow before an early morning flight on Friday to Miyazaki in Kyushu.  It's exciting to be travelling in Japan with the orchestra.  The audience today was full of new faces, a new collective energy with whom to share our music.  And it's just the beginning.

There seems to be a lucky trend on these tours–perhaps it was the way Japan was planned when it was created–that concert halls are often within walking distance of castles.  We got off the bus today and went for a stroll in the park surrounding the castle.  It makes for a nice mix of bus sightseeing, nature walking, convenient store food, and practice as a pre-concert routine.

late-blooming sakura outside the castle

path and tree along the castle wall

Wakayama Castle

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