Thursday, April 3, 2014

This Week's Conductor

Our conductor this week has an endearing humility in the midst of a great deal of score study and musical vision.  "Maybe it is my problem, but could you help me phrase here?"  "Would you mind starting at alphabet (letter) B?"  I don't think we really have the ability to say no, nor would we want to do so.  He presents himself as someone who deeply respects the music, the score, and the composer he is representing.  And he presents himself as one who struggles with his own technical limitations in conveying the richness his concept.  Preparation and rehearsal carry his ideas, though his conducting is not without passion.  To be humble in one's work.  To work with one's limitations, asking more of them and strengthening those strengths that can help towards the desired goal.  Another musician on the podium from whom to learn.

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