Monday, April 28, 2014


A rainy day took us to Akashi and a bus brought us back to our home away from home, Himeji.  Tomorrow morning I will look out onto the same broken clock that always faces me when I'm here in the Hotel Nikko Himeji.  It is a central location for touring the smaller towns in the area that cannot accommodate rooms for a symphony orchestra.

In the course of service to get us here with as little rain on our heads as possible, our bus driver backed onto to the sidewalk right in front of the hotel entrance.  He then stood outside the door of the bus with his umbrella.  I feel bad that some rain penetrated such caring protection, but such is life.  I will have to weather the storm on my own in the end, but I will not forget the care shown to me in the process.

Only a single picture from today's rainy indoors weather.  I really enjoy looking out to the audience and wish I could share the feeling more often.


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