Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sado-san Quartet Coaching

Sado-san is a very, very busy man.  Everyone wants a piece of his time.  Just this concert alone and the upcoming tour are big projects.  He guest conducts in other places when he isn't here, and when he does come to HPAC, he has many meetings to take care of all the various bits of business that accumulate in his absence.   He is a very, very busy man.

But despite it being apparent that he is busy with all the things he is doing, there is little about him that seems to be so.  He never seems hurried, or frustrated, or impatient.  And in the midst of a very tight schedule, he agreed to coach our quartet after a long day of rehearsals.

He spoke about sound and articulation, of having a more substancial sound in quiet sections, of creating tension in our phrasing, of bringing out new ideas as they emerge, as though it were an improvisation.  It's the way Beethoven composed and we should make it more fresh.  In lieu of understanding everything he was saying, I could gather a great deal in his gestures as we played.  Simply having him in the room was an inspiring incentive, knowing the way that he works with the orchestra.  It was exciting to be working with him.  A privilege to have the gift of his time and attention.  Otsukaresamadeshita.

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