Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Just For Your Information

Several days ago, there were only had two busses and so I found myself sitting next to someone I hadn't yet met, an extra horn player who used to be a core member.  The ride was only 15 minutes long and we talked about how nice the weather was and how nice it was to visit Fukuoka and enjoy its large park.  He mentioned that he had visited the art museum there and when I expressed interest, he told me about his recommendations for art museums in Kyoto.  I asked him to write down the names for me in my little book which he very kindly did so, but he seemed a little concerned.  He couldn't explain the names in English.

This morning at breakfast, while I was balancing my tray to scoop yogurt into my bowl, he happily greeted me, again.  "Ahhh, Andorea!"  and he held out something in his hand, more information on the museums he had discussed.  Somehow he had it on his person along with his tray and the fruit he was getting.  (Did he know how much I liked yogurt, or that my morning would deposit me there at that exact time?)  He had drawn in great detail, a map of the area in Kyoto in English and Japanese, along with all the information on the museums, their hours, the current exhibits, their websites, and how to get there via several modes of transportation.

 details: "Nice for walking,"  "waterway," "udon restaurant (always long long cue!)", a zoo, the location of the museum cafe...

and all the details for travel including the train platforms
even the names of the current exhibits and how long they will be running

The information is a gift, but so is that act of giving it, perhaps much more so.  I hardly know this man, but I feel indebted, not so much to him but to all the people in the world that I encounter to a such a small degree.  I feel as though he has taught me something.  An act of kindness.  What does it give and to whom?

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