Friday, April 25, 2014

Pit Stop

I've been enjoying the tour, enjoying the feeling of moving from place to place,  enjoying the feeling of being a tourist in this country that is currently my home, but doesn't really belong to me.  Somehow it feels more honest to carry a camera everywhere I go: this world still amazes and excites me.  It feels more honest to have a map in my hand:  where am I, really?  And it is comforting to enjoy the encouragement of shop owners that praise my Japanese and ask me what country I come from.  I somehow feel closer to them than when I am a person who lives here.  There is the feeling of an active welcome.

And now,  a night at home in the midst of many travels.  My laundry is drying on my balcony.  The sound of wind through the leaves.  Nothing to do today but time and sunshine.  And a bit of practice, of course.

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