Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Next: Saga

There is a refreshing fragrant humidity to the air in Kyushu.  Everything is very green, the wood of the buildings has lived a second life breathing the moisture of the air, small plants defiantly brave the cracks of tidied sidewalks.  The drizzle on the walk from the hall to the hotel smelled of summer rains.

We travelled for 4 hours by bus through the green mountains and flat rice paddies of Kyushu, making our way from Miyazaki to Saga.  Every little town and region in Japan is known or famous for something.   And Saga is no exception.  It is known for not being known for anything.  But they have a very nice hall.  After the concert Sado-san sponsored a party at a nearby restaurant.  A very generous and kind man.

bus from Miyazaki to Saga

taken by my friend Bernice- some members of the violin section
(the two on the left play in my quartet)

hall in Saga

facing Tchaikovsky 

this was the name of all the roads at this intersection (?)

one of three tables at Sado-san's party

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