Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tacit Teaching

Th Japanese Self-Defense Forces concert ended shortly before I headed to the train station with my cello.  I joined crowds of people inching along the walkways around HPAC,  past the uniformed service people, taiko drummers, and costumed characters all bowing to their departing audience.

Having just missed the train, I got in line and got a seat on the next one.  As the sitting space quickly filled, a woman wearing a purple bubble coat, fanny pack, oversized backpack, camera case, two hats (one with a pom pom), surgical mask, and carrying a rain umbrella on a sunny day, squeezed in next to me.  An interesting character.  I scooted over a little to give her more space and then refocused on my Japanese vocabulary study.

It was only a few minutes later that she quickly rose to her feet, ushering an elderly woman to take her seat.  Our eyes met and I could tell she was smiling behind her surgical mask.  I was not the recipient of her awareness, courtesy, or kindness and yet being in its presence made me feel as though I was.  It made me wonder what I'm learning from the world around me.  And what am I teaching through my way of living?

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