Thursday, January 16, 2014


With the tape rolling today, rehearsal became a recording session.  Sado-san took the opportunity to give soloists throughout the Respighi multiple chances to get a good take should fate not smile upon them in the three live performances.  We repeated sections over and over with intense focus, then ran larger sections, then whole piece.  After the final cutoff in the second rehearsal, something happened that's never happened before: silence.  For at least 15 seconds, no one practiced a passage again.  The brass sections declined to run through something together after rehearsal hours, the winds didn't try to tune something not to their liking.  Everyone just fell back in their seats and took a breath.

Sado-san seemed tired and yet indefatigable as usual, his steady energy hiding the amount of work coming from the podium and all that he was asking of us.  Tomorrow we will have a morning dress rehearsal and then the first concert in a series commemorating the Great Hanshin Earthquake Disaster.  It was this disaster that was the catalyst for Sado-san to help create HPAC.  I can see the energy in his rehearsals that it must have taken to organize the vision and bring it into being.

What compels us to create?  From where does this energy come?  Tomorrow will be the culmination and the continuation of a great many efforts.

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