Tuesday, January 28, 2014

String Quartet Rehearsal

Our string quartet is full of breaking barriers.  The more time we spend in a room together, the more ways we search for a sound and phrase that we desire, the more words we define in one another's language, the less we are four people.  We are so far from what we will become, still individuals, innocent of one another, but learning.  The unfolding of the process can be tiring, emotional, and very personal.  In my life, various string quartets and the people in them have given me some of my most challenging and rewarding life experiences.  I feel very lucky to be having the opportunity to grow with three other people in a similar but completely new way here.  Words must be carefully chosen, singing and gestures are often far more accurate.  Trust in the midst of not understanding, and relinquishing complete musical control at the doorstep of our ability to communicate ideas to one another.  It is a new challenge as much as it is a new opportunity.  We have many more hours ahead of us as we learn to work together, creating a way that will become uniquely ours.

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