Monday, January 6, 2014

After a Long Night/Day of Travel

I've returned to a colder Japan.  San Diego sun is miles away and the lifestyle of constant social contact faded in the planes, buses, and trains one the way to my doorstep.  Awaiting me here were some frozen cookies and sweet potato soup, and after a visit to grocery-store-heaven I've come upon a new delicious variety of miso soup.  It's flavor, in a certain thickened concentration, has subtle undertones of Kraft macaroni and cheese.  I'm wondering if misoroni is a mistake before it happens or a stroke of genius that those before me were too afraid to touch.  I have an idea of which direction it will fall, but since I'm alone now there's no one to supervise me or suffer the consequences.  Oh the pollyanna benefits of solitude.  The measures of finding warmth on a jet-lagged winter night.  

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