Friday, January 24, 2014

Following the Japan Times

Ah those daily moments of respite.  In the middle of my day I have one.  I discovered it in a corner in HPAC's office:  the English newspaper.  Oh the glory of a lunch reading The Japan Times (All the News Without Fear or Favor) and the International New York Times.  Sometimes I do a word problem, sometimes I read the international news or just the Japan news or just articles of interest.  It doesn't matter to me.  I get to sit with the paper and some miso soup in the middle of the day.

I've followed not only the news in the paper, but the paper's physical location from one place in the office to another outside the office. And this week another drama occurred, that no new paper appeared in the box for several days!  And then I discovered it was being placed behind the older ones.  Today when I reached behind and discovered it wasn't there, I realized someone had put it in front again!  It has been quite a week.

But perhaps all these mysteries would be less mysterious if I could read Japanese.  Ironically, perhaps, someone has left a Japanese message on the English newspaper box.  I think it is either telling me to please do or do not do something.  I do read the paper, and I do put it back (in front or behind, depending on where I found it).  I do not throw it away, or write in it, or make origami out of it.  I enjoy my time reading it, but I also enjoy the curiosity behind its display and upkeep.  I'm happy to continue the chase in lieu of my understanding.  Until I know what this note means, I hope that I am causing no great offense in my behavior and I thank whoever it is that is providing me with such a pleasure.

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