Tuesday, January 14, 2014


If I were Linus or Charlie Brown I could just fill in the conversation to my own liking.  "Womwom....womwomwomwom."  Mmmm, yes, I'll have it with kinako powder.  "Womwom.....womwom??"  Oh, I mean only if it's available.  "Womwomwom.....womwom....wom."  Ok, I understand.  I hope you can break a 10,000 yen bill.  "Womwomwom."  Thanks I really appreciate your help with the check-up and the prescription.   I don't think I could have weighed myself  or taken my blood pressure on my own.  "Womwom...womwomwom."  Thank you!  And now that I learned to make an appointment online, we don't have to have another awkward exchange where we try to find a good date three months from now.  "Womwomwom!"  Yeah it's great!  One day I'll be able to understand more Japanese but I'm sorry that I can't promise to ever be able to fully understand the things that you say to me.  I really appreciate your patience in this awkward situation.  "Womwomwomwom.....womwomwom."  Ok, thanks again.  See you in a few months–take care!

Maybe in some after-life we can exchange our womwoms for understanding.  But for now I will just have to accept them and be at peace with the feeling of traction-less running in a dream.  I cannot understand.  It's a frustrating feeling with no solid answer.  But there is a lot to be learned from it.  Things to observe in the way I react in my confusion and frustration, things to observe in the way others react to my reactions, and a reminder that humility, a bow, or a smile often softens the exchange, brings more cooperation and more possibilities.  It doesn't solve the problem, but it makes the time together more enjoyable.  

If only the answer were kinako powder.

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