Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Visit to Asahi

I suppose one would never wish to have problems with a bike, but then it is such a pleasure to stop in at the Asahi bike shop that perhaps it wouldn't be so terrible to find something in need of being repaired.  As they fixed my chain, gear, light, and bell with their smiley, speedy service (their three "s" motto), I listened to American pop music and browsed their selection.  Happy children's helmets and designer children's bikes.  Super speedy racing bikes, and heavy cruisers with cumbersome baskets.  A whole line of different bikes with specially designed handlebars to accomodate children's seats.  A world of cute, a world of functional, a world servicing one of the most ubiquitous activities in Japan.   And of course, a world of many thank yous and bows in appreciation of my patronage of the their smiley and speedy service.   Perhaps I should have spaced out my needs more thoughtfully to ensure a near-future return visit.  But I'm sure that as my bike accrues time and miles these things will happen naturally, just as children will wear cute helmets in Japan.

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