Sunday, July 26, 2015

Opera and Onsen

The opera is finally over and the final of final bows complete.  Sado-san gave us the memorial books that several HPAC members have been creating for everyone who is leaving.  There are pictures of us, pictures of other HPAC members, and little notes from everyone in the orchestra.

And after the end-of-opera toast, Ani and I departed to the onsen, a magical place of comfort and community.  There's nothing really like it in America.  We wondered what it would take to sell it there.  It can be a tough hurdle to cross, but most who decide to try discover how wonderful it is. Especially when there is green tea soft serve afterwards.

And here are a few pictures from the end of opera, the reception, and the journey to onsen....

guidance for proper attire to the reception

ice sculpture for opera reception

dessert table at opera reception

final bows

Kumichan, the local fashion cat
(for more

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