Monday, July 13, 2015

Open Day

The sky was such a deep blue and it spread to white edges of the horizon.  The river was quite empty today, the heat and humidity were on high.  But the wind was changing the skies quickly and there are few things as beautiful as a dynamic sky and an empty field.

In shodo this morning, I discovered I've been using the wrong side of the paper all along.  It was not until Sensei graded my last assignment and didn't give me another one for the remainder of class that I resorted to my used papers to continue to focus on strokes from the figures of the day.  I had graduated from them, and I realized that I returned to them as though they were mine.  I had to use the other side of the paper and I realized that its roughness interacted with the ink and the brush in a most caring way.  What might have been, became.  Was it too late?  Only in time.

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