Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fourth of July in Kyoto (Sanzen-in and Hosen-in)

Some friends and I went to Kyoto this morning to visit two temples in the north east, Sanzen-in and Hosen-in.  We had intended to then do some pottery in the afternoon, but the gardens were so beautiful that it seemed a shame to hurry back to Kyoto when we could roam in the green rain.

we took a bus from central Kyoto out of the city and into the surrounding mountains

walking up a path lined with vendors

a local mascot, woman carrying wood on top of her head

vendors along the way

garden inside Sanzen-in

the grounds of Sanzen-in


faces in the moss (Sanzen-in)

Can you find them all?  (Sanzen-in)

in the roots

hydrangea garden

bridge over the stream connecting to hydrangea gardens

under tall naked trees

many many


sour plum tea with gold flakes 
sweet matcha tea with gold flakes

leaving Sanzen-in over the shops to the misty mountains

crane and turtle garden
the ponds are the wings of the crane, the turtle is the green to the left
they in peace and harmony

drinking green tea while staring at the 700 year old tree
(Not pictured, the ceiling panels were once the floor of this place upon which 400 years ago defeated samurais committed ritual suicide.  The blood stains were still visible.)

contemplating the tree and sipping matcha

matcha and old tree 

listening to the sound of enlightenment
it sounded like little clicks with an occasional ding, perhaps the echoing of water sounds down the bamboo tubes
I looked under the planks for the source of enlightenment but found nothing

shiso (sour plum leaf) soft serve

shiso leaves
something for which this area is famous
After taking the bus back to central Kyoto and then the train back to Takarazuka, we met some friends and had Indian for dinner.  Something to celebrate the birth of a nation.

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