Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dentist Visit!

I would never have thought of a trip to the dentist as an activity high on the pleasure list.  But after today, I realize that it is possible.  I've never been in such a clean, friendly, high-tech, office, and don't know that my teeth have ever been as clean as they are.  As I sat down in the chair, I noticed a flat screen TV on the wall in front.  But instead of ocean life peacefully drifting by, it was a computer screen showing information about the appointment.  My name was there, along with my exact age and what procedure was happening.

The dentist came in and spoke to me in excellent English.  He inspected my teeth, checked my gums, and then took a wireless wand and held it in my mouth.  A few seconds later, a picture of the back of my teeth appeared on the screen showing the plaque that was there.  He said my teeth looked really good and all they would do is just clean this off.  And then the dental hygienist put a nice smelling soft towel over my eyes and I just relaxed as they gently and thoroughly cleaned each of my teeth.

When he was finished, he put the wand in my mouth again and another picture appeared on the screen of clean white teeth.  I ran my tongue over the surface.  So smooth.

I felt refreshed, cleaned, and very kindly served.  And now my teeth are ready to go.  I wish I could come back and enjoy another cleaning at this friendly dentist, but perhaps I will be so lucky in America as well.  I now know it's possible.


  1. How innovative and different. We have a family full of dentists. I should pass this along. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's nice to see how a great dental service changed your long-held views on dental visits, Good clinics tend to do that. Some of that depends on the rapport between the dentist and the patient. It also depends on the dentist’s skill. It seems that the one you went to had those in spades. Dentists have a lot of wrong impressions to correct, so I guess this is a fine start.

    Byron Kennedy @ A+ Family Dentistry