Saturday, July 11, 2015

Meeting Fear

Fear is a mighty powerful thing.  And that isn't necessarily bad.  It protects us.  But it can also put up walls when they are not needed.  How does one coax down those walls?  How does one build trust?  Perhaps it can only be done with time and diligence and patience.  Perhaps there are some situations where it is easy to wish that fear would leave, but these resources are not available.  There isn't time, diligence, or patience.

What would it be like to live in a world without fear?  Would people walk into burning buildings?  Could we ever be able to trust our reason enough to take over for our wellbeing?  Fear keeps us from moving forward, fear causes us to retreat.  And these things can be hurtful when they are unwarranted, when there can be another way to respond to the situation.  Every time I perform or audition, I have to look at fear.  It tells me to run away, but that isn't the only option.  It is powerful to look at fear, to understand it better.  It need not be our master, though it can be an important messenger.

Today I feel a bit hurt by the fear of others.  But I have to respect it.  From my work experience, I'm led to conclude that this is not a country of risk taking, not a country of novelty, not a country of allowing subordinates to begin new ideas.  After this meeting, I might have added, nor is it a country which has much trust.  And then as I was walking to my apartment, lost in my thoughts, a woman smiled at me and wished me a good evening.  And then the walls came down.

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