Sunday, July 12, 2015

Appreciation Day

Today was a busy day of appreciation.  I did some final shopping for a gift for our stage manager who always does incredible work for us, and especially for our chamber music concert.  I'd collected money from everyone and with a friend had bought a nice sake set and then some gift fruit, prosciutto, and olive oil as a gift for him.  Today I printed off some pictures and my friend decorated a large card.  We passed it around for everyone to sign during the breaks of the opera.

After rehearsal we waited to intercept him in the lounge, but he was busy working so didn't stop by as we had hoped.  We he finally entered we all cheered for him and he became incredibly confused, "But it's not my birthday."  We gave him the card and the gifts anyway.

It was also the last day to write messages for core members who will be leaving (I'm included in that).  Whenever a core member leaves, a few people create a book with pictures and messages from everyone.  And so during the opera today, everyone was writing notes of thanks or reflection on another person, Frank, or all the people leaving.  It feels good to recognize that we have one another.

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