Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sailing the Morning After

It rained yesterday and the sky fell to the pavement, again.  This morning I flew to HPAC, riding above the clouds.

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  1. Hey Andrea! This is Sylvia from your community music lesson 3 years ago in Madison :P
    How's your life in Japan (I guess I would know after reading your diaries:D)? How's your Japanese now? When will you come back and visit America? I just have so many questions to ask you...
    So about me, I just graduated last year December with a Bachelor of Science degree. Sadly I didn't continue my cello lessons and my cello has been put away for a while... But after I find myself a job and settle down, I will start practicing and building up my callus-fingertips again :D.
    I miss you and wish you all the best!