Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Today has been a little different than many.  For one, on most days I don't Skype with my parents, and I did that today.  But also today, I decided to take the time to search for the library that I have heard lives on the fifth floor of the mall on the other side of the station.  

Of course, this mall has two disconnected buildings, bridged by an outdoor commons on the second floor.  And of course I picked the one on the west.  Luckily, even though there wasn't a library on the fifth floor of the west building, there was a woman there who told me that it existed in the other building.  I went down to the second floor, prolonging my anticipation, and up to another fifth floor.  And there indeed it was, a huge library.  Closed until tomorrow.

But I have found it and there is a certain closure in that.  As I rode the escalators up and down and up and down again, I thought about the excitement of this new library prospect.  I think perhaps I learned this from my mother. 

And over all this anticipation is an even greater anticipation.  The night has fallen and I'm sitting in the lounge of another fifth floor, this one in HPAC.  The office behind the glass doors is dark, everyone has gone home.  And I'm waiting.  Soon a bus will arrive from the airport.  And then he'll be here.  An impossibility it seems.   

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