Monday, March 23, 2015

Last Day of Japan String Quartet

This was the culminating day of Japan String Quartet Masterclass Seminar.  We began with a series of rehearsals and sound checks, and then launched into the concert.  And afterwards, the obligatory reception, with start and end times that must be adhered to, and to which had seemed impossible to bring significant others and family.  Surprisingly at the last minute, I discovered that Andrew would be able to join.  A man gave a toast at which he offended half the people in the room by saying that the first half of the concert wasn't as good as the second, and then the host had all the teachers and then all the participants speak.  The teachers tried to do some damage control and offered some words of wisdom, and the participants offered their thanks.  

It's hard to fully feel a part of such an event, with language and culture being such a division.  I felt very much like an "other," and I have great gratitude to the members of my quartet for translating and helping me understand, for crossing some barrier so bravely.  

The day got a little longer when the Hankyu trains seemed unable to leave the station for more than 30 minutes, something unprecedented in my time in Japan.  We gave up and went to another train line, and managed to get home, just in time to Skype with my parents.  

And now, it's time for bed.  

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