Thursday, March 5, 2015

Chamber Orchestra

Our concerts this week are led by the bassist Nabil Shehata.  We're playing a Hoffmeister quartet (which is a virtuosic show piece for bass), a bass concerto by Nino Rota (composer for the Godfather), and Mozart's Symphony No. 39 for which Shehata is conducting.  It's always interesting and inspiring to see fellow instrumentalists take up the baton and always a relief when they do it so well.  Shehata is not only a very talented bass player; it is a pleasure to work with him as a conductor.  He is very efficient and considerate in his use of rehearsal time, and his ideas and comments are musical and relevant.  As a conductor his is clear, trustworthy, and generous.  It's one of the pleasures of this position that we get to work with so many different talented musicians from around the world. Looking forward to the final two days of playing with him.

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