Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Okuno-san Trip to Kyoto

This morning I introduced Andrew to one of my favorite places in Japan, Okuno-san's luthier shop near Kinkakuji in Kyoto.  It is a land of wood filled with the smell of varnish and glue, of care and craft.  Okuno-san's father sometimes enters, as does his three-year-old son who is already learning the trade by putting away a few tools.  He works carefully and thoroughly and time seems to pause within the space, just as it does in the generations of the three luthiers, past, present, and future.

We then walked through the Nishijo Market in Kyoto, looking at the special foods of Kyoto–pickles, fish, rice crackers, desserts.  And then the train ride home, coming into the rain.

Good to share these things.

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  1. this sounds perfectly lovely! miss you! <3