Saturday, March 28, 2015

Children's Concert

After great gnawing and gnashing of teeth, it was, of course, all worth it in the end.  Walking onstage to see a hall filled with excited children holding melodicas and recorders, a few violins and various percussion instruments, brimming with anticipation brought a new meaning to the endeavor of the past few days.  They were truly excited about seeing an orchestra concert, about participating in whatever way we would have them.  And even though there were forces which worked against this simplicity, it was impossible for them to win.  The common trope that even children learn in the midst of a childhood that knows nothing else, that children's innocence is holy, only becomes more believable as I grow older.  And only much further away.  That children have a naivety that allows them to believe more than adults cannot be true in this case.  Believing in the power of a child's innocence is the Santa Claus of adulthood.  I do not regret the knowledge that life has given me so far.  It allows for so many more options, so much more awareness.  But it's comforting that there is more to life's perspective than what is gained from experience, awareness, and knowledge.

Tomorrow we head to Hiroshima for a short trip to the city and Miyajima.  Looking forward to seeing this beautiful part of the country, again,  perhaps with some blossoms along the way.

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