Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Soccer (attempt #2)

My second time playing soccer!  I'm proud of myself for going, I'm proud of myself for successfully kicking the ball in the right direction and even scoring a goal once!  However, after about an hour, I wasn't feeling so well and the fluorescent lights and the constant Japanese pop music and the mental effort of constantly being aware of what was happening was a little overwhelming.  When another person came to fill out the ten, I bowed out.

But in the time I was there it was a lot of fun.  There are a few really good players in our midst, a bunch that can generally kick the ball with some accuracy, and then me.  I also learned to pass today (rather than my previous strategy of just kicking the ball towards the goal, no matter how far away) and had a better feel for the space of the field, to make sure our team members were covering it fairly well to allow for the aforementioned notion of passing.  I'm starting to realize how much is involved with being a good player; balancing the skills of footwork with the constant awareness of the formation on the field.  I imagine if I had more experience in either of these–established skill or strategies–I could have overcome whatever physically misgivings I was having.

Perhaps I'll keep trying in small chunks, perhaps to practice scrimmage with a ball or to study a bit of strategy.  I really enjoy playing with friends, laughing at misses, enjoying the scoring of everyone's goals.  Arigatou to Chihiro for organizing these meets, and gambarou to everyone for a fun and successful game!

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