Wednesday, November 26, 2014

No Go Nagoya

I got an envelope in the morning post (which must have come before 9am) from the Nagoya Philharmonic, the orchestra to which I sent an application about 2 weeks ago.  I put it in my backpack and waited to open it until I arrived at HPAC, thinking it was the excerpts for the audition.

When I opened it, I found my original envelope with my application and a note in Japanese.  I figured I must have missed the deadline (it was close) and confirmed this with one of my Japanese friends.  Fair enough.  The application took more time to complete than I realized and I was cutting it fairly close.  But oddly, despite my envelope being postmarked November 14th, the Japanese note (dated November 19th) explained it wasn't received until the 20th.  It seems a little strange that it took six days to get to Nagoya, since this is about how long things usually take to get to America.  It's also strange that the Japanese note was postmarked a day before my application supposedly arrived.

It's quite possible my bad romaji handwriting made the postage take longer, or perhaps the note mistook one of the dates.  I concede and am glad that I at least put together all of the material needed.  Hopefully this will help me apply for future Japanese auditions without such a tight schedule.   They even sent back the whole application so I can use my photo again.  I just hope my cross expression didn't scare them.

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