Thursday, November 13, 2014

Orange-Shoed Violinist

The man who is leading the second violins this week wears bright orange dress shoes.  Perhaps this wouldn't be so shocking if it weren't for the expression with which he wears them.  At all times his face carries an immense concern, perhaps worn into it from roughly 60 years of being so.  Concern, or fear, or anger.  And yet it isn't true.  I've seen him smile with this face, maybe even laugh while maintaining the seriousness of his sinking eyebrows and underturned lips.  And at some point, perhaps not so long ago, he went to a store or online and felt that bright orange shoes would be most fitting.  And to match, an orange watch.  And a confetti patterned button-down shirt.  There is something else in this man, something more than the way he looks out upon the world.  I wonder how he sees it, I wonder how he sees himself.

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