Sunday, November 9, 2014

Playtime Deviation

I looked out my window this morning to see a minor act of vandalism.  One of the cute guards in our neighborhood, which warn of playing children (!), had been removed from his post and lain elsewhere.  To see such a thing was to realize its rarity.  Here in a land where respect and disinterest compete as behavioral motivations, few things are moved from their designated locations or used in a manner deviating from their designated purpose.  This little fellow, who normally works very hard to protect the playtime of others, finally had some of his own.  While defiling property is never something to be condoned, sometimes seeing something out of order is refreshing.  Someone thought to step out of expectations, someone thought to do otherwise.  I took a picture knowing it wouldn't last, and surely enough, an hour later, this little guy's truancy came to an end.

edge of the playground

taking a break from the usual

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