Sunday, November 2, 2014

Missed Saturday Grocery Shopping

Saturday is usually the day that I make use of the weekend 10% off coupon at the little grocery store a block away.  But as fate would have it, this week I waited until Sunday.  I've learned my lesson.  For on Saturdays there is a fruit and vegetable "market" outside on the sidewalk which sells fruits and vegetables for a cheaper price than those indoors.  (I've never understood this completely, but won't argue with a good deal.)  And Saturdays are the day when the cashier works, who once secretly gave me 10% off before I knew about the coupons and with whom I've established a congenial recognition.  These things are not true on Sundays.

On Sundays, there is no market.  I have to pay a little more for my fruits and vegetables and I have to give my money to some unknown cashier.  Today she didn't organize my basket in the same way, didn't anticipate that I would proudly have and give her a coupon, and gave me an entry form for a vacation giveaway that I can't read and don't want.  My cashier wouldn't do that.  We've already established my limitations and simple needs.

I wonder if she noticed that I didn't come yesterday.  Next week.  I'll be there.

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