Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Perhaps it's a simple thing, perhaps terribly complex.  But despite the starkness of Japanese schedules and protocol, cuteness abounds, waiting to correct a furrowed brow.

I encountered two very cute little boys on the train coming home today, probably about 18 months and 3 years-old.  Perhaps it was the shape of their faces and cheeks and eyes that looked slightly non-Japanese, or the fact that they were both wearing navy blue flat caps that were slightly too big.  Maybe it was their pose and seamless calm as they sat on their mother's lap and next to her, speaking gently with her.  They looked like they had stepped out of a British boarding school.  And they were undeniably cute.

As the train closed the doors, preparing to leave the station, the younger one on her lap echoed a sentiment of many young boys who live in places where trains reside.  Mixing English with the Japanese word for "to do" or "have done" something, he said excitedly as we pulled away, "Let's Go shita!"

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