Friday, October 17, 2014

White Belts

Today's concert was a little rocky at times.  Our conductor made the almost never made decision to cancel our GP this morning, opting instead to give us the time to rest.  The winds and brass players were especially happy not to have to play two full concerts today.  Their solos sounded great, but something about our ensemble was quite unsettled.  Perhaps it was the wrong decision for our orchestra which is used to that routine, perhaps she's not a seasoned enough conductor to hold us together in the difficult rhythms of El Salon Mexico or the mercurial rubato of the Paganini violin concerto.  Perhaps today just wasn't the day for us to have our best performance.

This morning I joined my Tae Kwon Do club via the internet as I often do and got to witness an evaluation for white belt.  Five new members to the club demonstrated what they've learned in the last few weeks in order to start the very beginning of their Tae Kwon Do journey.  At the end of class, our Master invited us to reflect for ourselves on what we had learned from that evaluation.  And I was struck by growth.  No one is ever born a black belt; at one point our Master, who is now fifth or sixth don, once tested for his white belt.  There is so much possibility within each of us from our beginnings through our whole journey.  Is there an arrival, an absolute perfection at the end?  Of course not, only tempting waves which beckon us back for more.  Sometimes there is progress, other times, hard work.  But we can decide to walk a path and grow from that decision.

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