Sunday, October 19, 2014

Thanks Calorie Mate!

It took me five months and a moment of hungry desperation to purchase my first "Calorie Mate Nutrition Block," in Japan.  I recall that moment being wonderful, but since it was in the middle of winter after walking for a very long time and being very hungry, I still did not consider it a food choice.  However, the past few months have included some hikes and I've found myself turning to Calorie Mate several times, to the point that I now actually consider one of the tastier on-the-go food choices.  It's as astronautic as it sounds; little bricks of food, 100 calories each, with vitamins and minerals, available in chocolate, cheese, fruits, and maple flavors (and in Tokyo, potato)....until recently.  Recently a new flavor has hit the scene.  

I've noticed trends in potato chips and ice cream of creating crazier and crazier flavors.  For instance, Lay's Chicken and Waffles flavor, or any of Ben and Jerry's over-the-top mix-in combos.  But this is Japan and this is Calorie Mate.  The new flavor they've added to their line-up of chocolate, cheese, fruits, maple and potato is......plain.  Yes, the new flavor is "plain."  It is a non-flavor flavor.  Being of the maple and occasionally chocolate disposition, I was reticent to try the plain variety (dare I call it a flavor?), until this morning when hunger struck and I felt compelled.  And now my confession: just as I've come to love the nutrition blocks, I'm a fan of plain.  Maybe I've met a country that understands me.  No frills, just simple, bland, and delicious.  

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